High Quality Winter Products

At A.H. Reiff we offer a variety of high quality winter products including firewood, wood pellets and more. For the past 39 years we have delivered high quality products to Carlisle, PA, Mechanicsburg, PA, Dillsburg, PA, Harrisburg, PA and Central Pennsylvania. Contact us today to transform your outdoor living space!



Cut and Split. Available through the fall and winter. Pick up or delivery. Also sold by the truck or trunk load.

Wood Pellets

A high-quality pellet that is produced from kiln-dried hardwood sawdust.  Our wood pellets are environmentally safe and have no additives.  They contain less than 1% ash per volume and are packaged in heavy-duty bags.

Available in 40 lb bags or by the Ton; pick up or delivery.


Envi Blocks

An all-natural wood product made from a naturally renewable resource (hardwood sawdust and shavings). They contain no additives, binders or chemicals. Designed for use in fireplaces, wood stoves, wood furnaces and fire pits. ENVI Blocks will burn for an average of 8-10 hours. Available in 2 sizes: ENVI 4”x4”x10 ¼” (3/pack), ENVI 8 3 ¼”x2 ¾”x 9 ½” (6/pack).

Other Winer Products

Coal: Nut and Rice Coal available throughout the fall and winter.  Available in 50 lb bags or by the Ton.  Pick up or delivery available.

Ice Melt Products: Available in 50 lb bags or by the Ton;  pick up or delivery.