General FAQS

For 39 Years A.H. Reiff takes great pride in our experience, expertise, quality, and customer service that we provide to meet the consumer’s needs. We offer Top Quality Products from Top Quality Vendors such as, newline Hardsacpes, Hanover Architectural Products, Breeo, and more!

We have delivered high quality products to Carlisle, PA, Mechanicsburg, PA, Dillsburg, PA, Harrisburg, PA and Central Pennsylvania. Contact us today to transform your outdoor living space!

Will mulch harm my plants and/or pets? - 

No, our mulch is organic and will not harm them. The dye we use is environmentally safe.

Are mulches treated with pesticide?

No. It is against federal law to apply pesticides in such a manner. Therefore, NO mulch is EVER treated.

Does mulch attract termites? -

No, if you have a problem with termites the mulch is not the cause. In this area most termites are subterranean; since mulch is used above ground it does not attract them. It would be recommended to call an exterminator to get to the root of your problem.

Will dyed mulch stain my driveway? -

Even though our dye is an all natural organic product it’s still a dye and will temporarily stain a concrete driveway. We recommend placing a tarp down on the driveway to help minimize staining.

Will rain wash the color off the dyed mulch? -

Yes and No. If the mulch has been freshly dyed there is a possibility that a heavy downpour will cause the color to wash. For best results do not install color enhanced mulch unless it has time to dry; we recommend a full day in the sun. If the dye has set, there is no need for concern. Fluff up the mulch with a pitch fork to cover any areas that may have washed.

How thick do I install decorative stone? -

When figuring out the amount needed we recommend 3″-4″ thick, except for the large river stone, which should be 6′ thick.  We also recommend installing the stones on top of weed fabric. We sell a commercial grade landscape fabric in 2 different sizes. Refer to the Project Calculator to figure out the amount of material needed for your job. 

What is growing on my mulch? -

For a detailed explanation click here.